Stop Using Excel

, April 27, 2023390 Views

People have been using Excel (or spreadsheet if you fall into that category of people) ever since they came out all those years ago. Thanks to continuous adding of functionalities and upgrades, resourceful and clever people have been able to use it for a wide variety of purposes, often times running entire organizations off one […]

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Power Automate, now on mobile

, April 20, 2023587 Views

This blog provides an overview of the Microsoft Power Automate mobile app, including installation, changing environments, limitations, and features. You can experience the familiar look and feel of Power Automate on the go with the Power Automate mobile app. Just as we used Microsoft Power Automate for Desktop, Microsoft introduced Power Automate for Mobile as […]

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Why the power distribution industry needs to be cloud first

, April 13, 2023332 Views

Today the world relies on electricity more than ever before. This means the slightest disruption in supply of power from the generation stations to the consumer, be it an industry or an individual can have drastic effects. The best-case scenario would be a slight inconvenience. The worst-case scenario would be death. The power generation part […]

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Are you on the cloud yet?

, April 8, 2023309 Views

The concept of cloud has been around for at least a couple of decades. It was not referred to as cloud, but internet resources were being used in a similar way. People would upload documents that they would need to store over a long term as attachments in their emails. Many websites allowed people to […]

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Power Platform and Dynamics 365 based Industry Accelerators

, April 6, 2023794 Views

We all know the no code/low code approach followed by Power Platform and Dynamics 365 among others has reduced the time it takes to deliver the solution to the end user. The industry accelerators developed on top of Power Platform reduce this time even further. These can be used on top of both Power Platform […]

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