Handling Dead Letter Queue(DLQ) using Azure Functions

, January 31, 20192560 Views

Microsoft Azure Service Bus is a secure platform for transferring the messages across various platforms and applications. This is a reliable service for asynchronous data transfer using messages. Queues are one among the data structures used while transmitting the data across the cloud. Messages are stored in the queue until processed at the receiver’s end. […]

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Send data to the Microsoft flow from the PowerApps and receive the response from the Microsoft flow

, January 10, 20191176 Views

The PowerApps is used to build the business apps that can be run in a browser or phone or tablet and the Microsoft flow is used to automate the workflows across the multiple applications and services. Using Microsoft flow in the PowerApps is creating wonders in the business world, making almost everything possible with just one click on the […]

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Power BI > Copy Visuals between pbix files – II

, January 7, 2019650 Views

Power BI has been growing day by day with the new features that Power BI team is bringing every month. There was a time when we used to face difficulty whenever it was needed to create same designing for multiple reports but with different datasets, because we couldn’t just copy paste the visual from one […]

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Debug the Azure Functions locally

, December 14, 20181398 Views

Today, the majority of the business have based their roots with Azure. Above all the benefits, the main attraction of the Azure functions is that it helps in the simplification of developing the applications. They can also be debugged locally to identify the errors or to know the sanity status of the function. This can […]

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Power BI > Conditional Formatting the Table > Use Case

, December 13, 2018890 Views

Microsoft has released a very exciting feature – Conditional formatting by Field Value. Hence, we plan to explain how we took it’s best use with an example. There are times when we want to conditionally format a field that returns both text values and decimal numbers. To understand this better, let’s take some sample data […]

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Add an external assembly as a reference in the Azure function

, December 3, 2018875 Views

Let’s learn today, how to add an external assembly as a reference in an azure function with a small example. This will help you to reuse the already developed functionalities (i.e.,) if there is a requirement that some of the functionalities are needed inside the azure function, which are already developed in any of the […]

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Resolve the error in the “Automatic Record Creation Rules” of the Queue entity, when the sender of the email is a Contact as well as a User in the Microsoft Dynamics 365.

, October 3, 20181179 Views

Many a times in the Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Automatic Record Creation Rules, which we create on the queue entity fail for incoming email activities if the sender’s email address exists as a Contact as well as a User record. I had faced the same issue when I was trying to set the sender of […]

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Power BI > Hide NULL or BLANK values in Matrix visual

, September 21, 20189961 Views

There are times when you don’t want null values to be displayed in the matrix, or only those items which has data in the table. Suppose we have data as in the below image: And we want those names which has all the three types, S1, S2 and S3. Simply plotting the data as in […]

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Setup Azure portal resources to integrate external website with Microsoft Dynamics 365

, September 5, 20181274 Views

Today in this blog, I will explain you how to setup various resources in Azure to integrate the external website with dynamic crm 365 using Azure Logic App and Service Bus. You will have to create below resources in Azure to integrate external website with Microsoft Dynamics 365:- 1. Resource group 2. Service Bus Namespace […]

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Access the Azure Logic App using Service Bus to connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 from an external website

, September 5, 20181322 Views

Using Logic App we can create, update, return list of records etc from the CRM. Today in this blog, I will explain how to access the Azure Logic App using Service Bus from an external website. First, create a web API to access the Azure Logic App using Service Bus. Please refer the below link […]

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