Personal and Organization Email Templates in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE / CRM

, April 25, 2019 5408 Views

I was not aware of something called personal email templates until I got the below warning while exporting one of the solutions in Dynamics 365.

Later by analyzing the missing component, I was able to figure out that if a personal email template is used in any of the components in a solution like a workflow, then you will get the above warning message while exporting the solution.

Also, you won’t be able to add the required email template into your solution unless you make it available to the organization.

In this blog, let me share the personal email templates and organization email templates in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE.

When the new custom email template is created, that will be visible to everyone in the organization by default.

But, if it has to be made as a personal email template so that only the owner of the template could see it, then we have to make use of the option “Revert to Personal Template” from the “Actions” menu of email template as shown in the below image:

Alternatively, we can also make it available back to the organization as shown in the below image:

But, to make the email template available back to the organization, you should be the owner of the email template. Else, you will not see the email template once you convert it to a personal email template and save it.

I hope this helps you!!

Happy CRMing.

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