Connection to Dynamics 365 and SharePoint Authentication Using ClientId & ClientSecret: Part 1

, January 8, 20211359 Views

I have come across various requirements from clients where it was more feasible to go with creating the C# console application for bulk processing the records in D365 CRM based on complex scenarios like updating the closed case entity records or uploading the files to SharePoint at specific location, or any scenarios that needed custom […]

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Use Google maps to measure distance in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Part 3 of 3

, March 27, 2020964 Views

Story so far… In the previous blogs, I gave a brief overview of what we need and how to get the API key from Google Maps. In the final part of the blog, I will tell you how to measure the distance. In this part we will be dealing with the CRM side of things. […]

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