Object Detection AI Builder Model in Power Platform

, May 7, 20201539 Views

Object Detection AI Builder Model in Power Platform To learn how to train the Form Processing AI Builder Model in Power Platform and to use it in the PowerApp, read our previous post. In this blog, we will share with you an overview of Object Detection AI Builder Model and a small example illustrating how […]

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Form Processing AI Builder Model in Power Platform

, April 23, 20201053 Views

Form Processing AI Builder Model in Power Platform In the previous post, we have learned how to configure the AI Builder in Power Platform and an introduction to the different types of AI Models. In this blog, let’s learn how to train a Form Processing Model and to use it in a PowerApp with a […]

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Configuration of AI Builder and Types of AI Model in Power Platform

, April 3, 20201099 Views

Configuration of AI Builder and Types of AI Model in Power Platform The Power Platform is a low code platform offering many attractive and useful products and features that can be used to create interactive apps, automated processes, virtual agents and many more. For more details, read, https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/powerplatform/ AI Builder is the artificial intelligence platform […]

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Steps to move existing Legacy(Classic Interface) to UCI(Unified Client Interface) in Microsoft Dynamics 365

, February 14, 20203996 Views

As of September 2019, Microsoft has announced that the legacy web client is deprecated. Customers must transition to Unified Interface before October 1, 2020. Microsoft will continue to provide support, security and other critical updates to the legacy web client until October 1, 2020, but won’t release any additional functionality beyond what has already been […]

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Sort the PowerApps data using the GPS Location

, June 10, 20192835 Views

Let’s learn today to sort the data of PowerApps based on the current GPS location. In the below example, we are having Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 as the database of the PowerApp. This PowerApp was basically developed for one of our client requiring a mobile application that will be used by their Customer care department […]

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Connect to an API from the PowerApps using the custom connector

, May 23, 201914294 Views

In many scenarios, we need to call the APIs or services that are not available as the inbuilt connectors of the PowerApps. In that case, you can create your own custom connector with the required triggers and actions. Creating a custom connector is a very smooth process. What you need is only the correct API […]

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Sorting, Filtering & Searching features of PowerApps

, March 8, 201926631 Views

This blog is intended to explore a quick idea on the basic operations like sorting, filtering and searching of data in PowerApps. Please know: In all the below examples, we are taking D365 CRM tables as the data source. SORTING In PowerApps, we can view the records in a particular sequence using the Sort or […]

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Apply common styles for all the screen components in PowerApps

, February 27, 20194887 Views

It is fun to play with the styles applied for the screen components in the PowerApps. This seems to be like the one we achieve using the cascading style sheet in the HTML files. If same font size, font weight, color etc. are to be used in the overall canvas app screens then, there is […]

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