Our Proprietory D365 Sales Add-Ons


It is very user friendly add-on using which you can comply Lead, Contact, and User entities with GDPR compliance in Dynamics 365. It also provides GDPR Consents and GDPR Requests dashboards, which will help you to view and download statistics and chart reports for assessing the ratio of the GDPR Compliance with your Lead, Contact, and User entity records.

After you install the GDPR add-on, you can see the GDPR area in the site-map of your Dynamics 365 as follows:-



Dynamics 365 Customer engagement / Microsoft Dynamics CRM V8.2 and above versions.



Note:- In the below content, the term ‘record’ is referring to Lead, Contact, or User entity records.

  • When a record is created it will be bound with the GDPR Consent automatically.

           (i.e.,) A GDPR consent record will be created for that particular record.

  • User can also comply the GDPR Consent with the existing record. There will be a sub-grid of GDPR Consent in the record (opened in GDPR form) using which user could create the respective Consent record.

  • User can create as well as select the type of consent that they require to give to the record.

           For example:- Automate Processing, Customer service, Direct Marketing/Communication etc.

  • User can create as well as select the Legal Right on the record base on Legitimate privileges.

           For example:- Legal Interest, Legitimate obligation, People Interest etc.

  • User can also withdraw the consent provided earlier. A notification email is sent to the owner of the record informing about the consent reverse and deletion of his/her record from the system after 10 days of the consent withdrawal date.

  • The owner of the consent is reminded about the consent renewal through email, before reaching the consent end date. This reminder email is sent 30 days before the end date, 7 days before the end date and on the end date also.

  • To manage the GDPR related requests from the clients, we are also providing the feature to create GDPR Request for the record. We also send automated mails to the concerned client when a request is rejected for any reasons.

  • Before 5 days to the due date of the request, a notification email will be sent to the owner of the GDPR request record that the request is approaching the due date.

  • We are also providing the business process flow on the GDPR Request record, which will ease the process and helps to know the request is at which stage at present.

  • Nice dashboards are configured to review the Consent and Request data.

  • User can also view and download various reports from a GDPR Request record.

If you find it interesting then contact us at sales@inkeysolutions.com to get a trial copy.

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