Power BI

Analyse the performance of insurance policies

The Challenge

One of our Insurance domain client wanted to keep track of his business being executed at different locations. They also demanded that the report should not be difficult at all to understand. They wanted a report that helps them to know that which regions, branches and policies are doing more business and which are doing less based on that they could take appropriate actions for increasing their business.

The Solution

We provided them an ample of information through which their managerial authorities and the particular branch authorities are able to see the data according to their roles (i.e Director should be able to see data of all the branches while the Branch Manager should see data of his/her branch only).
Also, we have used SSAS as they had very huge data over a period of 10 years.

  • Which branch is situated at which location?
  • Which branch incurs how much income and falls in which Income Group?
  • How much amount is funded in these branches?
  • How much amount is invoiced in these branches?
  • How much is the total premium amount by branches?
  • Total number of insurance policies.
  • How many clients have how many insurance policies?
  • What is the trend of Income over a year?
  • How many policies are there according to the Client Class?
  • Total number of clients.
  • How many managers are active/inactive?
  • Where does these branches stand in their region or their Income Group according to the Total income or Brokerage?
  • Rolling Average Income over Months.
  • How many clients have Mobile Phone or Home Phone or both?
  • How many clients are from which location?