Power BI

Dynamics 365 - Leads & Opportunity Analysis

The Challenge

Microsoft Dynamics 365, A customer relationship management software package developed by Microsoft itself is one of the fastest emerging cloud CMS till date. Thanks to its efficient extensibility and wast expansion abilities. It helps streamlining various aspects of customer relation management like Leads, Opportunities, Sales, etc. 
Since reporting capabilities provided by D365 are limited, we decided to develop a report which gives user a brief summary and detailed analytics about Leads and Opportunities recorded in their D365 instance. Since its a generic report, it runs smoothly on any instance without requiring any modification / customization. 

The Solution

We took in utilization both the Default connector for D365 and Web API (to load option set data), for the report. It allowed us to bring in all required data to provide useful insights regarding leads and opportunities and also for applying Row Level Security (RLS), exactly as it works in the Dynamics 365 environment. Thus, we used the dynamics Web API which allows accessing data of all entities, even which are not supported by the default dynamics 365 connector available in Microsoft Power BI. 

The report covers the following topics about the pandemic issue: 

  • Lead analysis by various lead status, sources, locations, industries, etc
  • Most successful locations, sources and industries to gather leads 
  • Lead buget by various factors. Lead quality, average days taken to qualify a lead as Opportunity
  • Opportunity analysis by various opportunity status, sources, locations, industries, etc
  • Open opportunity analysis, average days to close a deal, revenue by various time periods 
  • Closed vs Lost Opportunity analysis, top reasons for loosing an opportunity, etc

The Extra Mile

Dynamics 365 offers a really complex yet really useful permission system. A user may not directly own a record, but still can have permissions for that record through team ownership or if someone has explicitly shared the record with certain users. We replicated the very same permission system in the report through RLS. The user will see only the opportunities and leads data which he has permission to. In other words, he will see only those records which he can see in the Dynamics 365 environment.