Power BI

Power BI in Healthcare

The Challenge

A hospital wanted us to help them with predictive analytics and forecasts for various aspects of the healthcare sector. Power BI was their first choice because of versatility of reports offered.

The Solution

The vastness of health care sector demanded lot of reports to be developed. We did this task for them. 

The first few questions that come to mind regarding health care sector revolve around patients:

  • How many patients come for OPD?
  • How many get admitted?
  • In which age group they fall?
  • To which race do they belong?
  • What is the average time of their stay at hospitals?
  • What is the mortality rate?
  • What is the rate of cure?
  • Which disease is most caused and in which age group?
  • Which medicines are most consumed by the patients?

They also needed information about the nurses working. Hence, we gave insights as follows:

  • How many nurses are currently hired?
  • How many and which nurses work on weekdays and weekends?
  • How many and which nurses work at specified time and if they are free?
  • Work timings of nurses.
  • Which nurse handles how many and which patients?

We developed reports that contained indicators helping hospital management to find answers of these questions using the reports and forecast important things like number of doctors and other staff required in a particular period of a year, predict expected medicine stock in a particular period, and requirement if any, to call specialist doctors from outside.

Various reports regarding cost of resources and profit earned were developed. A couple of reports were dedicated to payers and blood donors. An area ignored most of the times is epidemics. We also developed a report for trend analysis of epidemics and forecast demand of resources/employees.

A mix of visuals were used to make the reports that were easy to understand. An eye soothing colour scheme was used. Particular care was taken to refresh reports so that hospital management were presented the latest information all the time.