Power BI

Real Estate Analysis

Note: The data shown above doesn't represent actual data and has been created for showcase purpose.

The Challenge

The real estate sector is one of the most globally recognized sectors. Emergence of nuclear families, rapid urbanisation and rising household income are likely to remain the key drivers for growth in all spheres of real estate, including residential, commercial and retail. Hence, it has become very crucial for the real estate agents to reflect upon their work and their corresponding repercussions. It will be beneficial to the real estate agents if visuals answer their questions at just a glance.


The Solution

  • Number of contracts
  • What is the average duration of a contract?
  • Total money spent for a contract.
  • How many contracts are taken by their type?
  • Where are the existing contracts located?
  • How many contracts have expired and who were their suppliers?
  • What is the money spent by the expired contracts?
  • Number of loaded contracts classified by their duration.
  • Number of loaded contracts by their country and supplier.
  • Details of contracts by their billing frequency and payment methods and its duration.
  • Details of contracts by their average cost, by tender type and quotes.