Microsoft Flow

Send mobile notifications to the PowerApp users when the record is updated in the dynamics 365

The Challenge

An Australia based client approached us with the requirement to create a custom App for its business that will basically be used for online shopping and will have a user-friendly and easy to use UI with proper customer notification features.

The Solution

We designed a very user-friendly PowerApp for this client in a short span of time with awesome professional blend. We integrated this App with the dynamics 365, which will create leads, orders, contacts, accounts etc in the dynamics 365 for accurate data maintenance with proven work strategies.

From this App the customers can even post their grievance regarding the product or service. Each of the customer grievance is recorded in the dynamics 365 in the form of Case record. These Cases are further analysed and solved by the customer service department of the business. We also send notifications to the customers when their cases are resolved by the business.

In order to send the notifications to the client, we have created a Microsoft flow that will be triggered when the case is been resolved in the dynamics 365. Using the inbuilt PowerApps Notification action of the Microsoft flow we have authenticated the PowerApp that we have created and send notifications to the PowerApp users.

We send two types of notification to the users based on the status of the Case been resolved. If the status of the case is “Resolved- Pending for Acceptance”, we send a mobile notification to the user, clicking on which the user will be navigated to the Customer Service Rating page of the App from where the user can fill up the form to express his/her satisfaction for the entire process with the business.

If the status of the case is “Resolved-With Acceptance”, we send a mobile notification to the user, clicking on which the user will be navigated to the Home page of the App.

In order to manage these features, we have used the Condition action of the Microsoft flow to decide the parameters to be passed with the notifications. The parameters that we declared in the PowerApps Notification action of the flow is send with the notification and these parameters are received by the App that we have designed which will navigate the user to the appropriate screens of the App.

Thus creating a Microsoft flow for this client has ensured timely and appropriate updates to the customers that has increased their trust towards the business and the business is flourishing day by day and is now one of our’s top satisfied client and has expressed it’s testimonial towards us for providing such a solution smoothly with no time.