Microsoft Flow

Synch SharePoint files with the Dynamics 365

The Challenge

The requirement of one of our clients was to create the lead entity records in the dynamics 365 when a new item is created in the SharePoint and the images in the SharePoint record was to be attached to the related Notes entity record.

The Solution

We proposed and developed a Microsoft flow which triggers when an item is created in the SharePoint path. This flow will then create a new Lead record and the related Notes record in the dynamics 365.

To upload the images to the Notes entity record, we had split the images into different items using the ‘Compose’ action and the Split function of the flow.

We then stored the images in the string format in an array variable using the “Filter Array” action. The output of the “Filter Array” action was then processed through a loop using the “Apply to each” action, and converted them to the binary format using the base64ToBinary function. These converted images were then attached to the related Notes record.

Implementing this flow in their company, the client is highly satisfied with the automation process and the synchronous behaviour between the SharePoint and the dynamics 365. It has increased the accuracy and reduced the delay to sync the Sharepoint records in the dynamics 365.