Microsoft Power BI

Analyse the performance of insurance policies

The Challenge

One of our Insurance domain client wanted to keep track of his business being executed at different locations. They also demanded that the report should not be difficult at all to understand. They wanted a report that helps them to know that which regions, branches and policies are doing more business and which are doing less based on that they could take appropriate actions for increasing their business.

The Solution

Keeping in mind their first requirement, we suggested the client to go with Power BI report and use the map visualization which will display the income location wise.

For the second requirement, we suggested him to have one single drill down report that would in initial view display revenue region wise but then further on drilling in each region displays details of that particular region and again drilling in would display details of that branch.

The hierarchy for drill down report is Region => Branch => Policy.

We developed the drill down report using Pivot Table.