Custom Application Development

Improving operational efficiency of your organization

We offer a wide range of custom IT programming services ranging from Customized ERP solutions, Custom database development, Desktop and distributed application design.

Our customized ERP solution provides you a centralized framework for all your data and processes by integrating all aspects of a business right from planning to inventory control, manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance, customer service and human resources.

Customized and cost effective enterprise solutions, tailored as per your needs.


8 reasons to choose INKEY for customized solutions:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Enables better decision making and forecasting
  • Provides support for business growth
  • Scalable and flexible solutions providing for future changes
  • Provides a centralized framework for all business processes
  • Quality Focus
  • User-Centered Design

Case Studies:



An ERP developed for Diamond Manufacturers covering the functional aspects like - Mfg. Process management of a diamond, Inventory Management, Labour Calculations, Pricing, etc. and connects all the offices spread across the globe.



A complete solution for Jewellery manufacturers, Showrooms (retailers) and wholesalers. In addition to the functional aspect, it is more known in this industry for its simplicity in use & accuracy in the management of stock, specially for metals.



A Billing application developed for the companies supplying Water on metering basis. This application easliy handles both commercial & non-commercial sectors. Important features it covers are - Support for both manual & automatic meter reading and auto billing with email to the clients.



A smart client application developed for Real Estate industry maintaining their inventory of different sites offices (S.O.) centrally, in the head Office (H.O.) using a smart and dynamic sync engine.