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Load pre staging data from .CSV, .TXT or any other flat file type

Our customer basically receives the zip file(s) for the health care data from various medications units and organisations (who are their clients) to be loaded to their Pre staging databases. Each zip file has one or more CSV, TXT, or any other flat file type of source with very bulky data to be loaded to Pre staging database.


Generic extract package that executes stored procedurs

Our customer basically needs to extract health care data from their databases into flat files. The data is very bulky. The customer is well versed in SQL and wishes to utilize this fact and develop an SSIS package that eliminates the need of SSIS knowledge for their employees, leverage their knowledge of SQL and make extracts possible by just writing stored procedure(s).


A detailed analysis and reporting

Our client belongs to the health care industry. Our client wanted to improve their health care services. A detailed analysis and reporting was required on various aspects like,


Marketing and Predictive Analytics

Our client was in search of a streamlined solution that would serve their purpose of delivering information on the sales of their products for marketing and predictive analytics. Essentially they needed reports which would help them make smart decisions for generating more revenue.