Dynamics 365 Sales

CRM systems have evolved from being just a simple system of records to highly adaptive, intelligent, social and mobile platforms. Businesses often realize that there is actually a lot of client information, which is lying within CRMs and this data can be utilized to improve client loyalty and client experience while enhancing the productivity of marketing, sales, and client support teams. This is where we, as Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants in India enable the businesses to improve their client experiences while leveraging business intelligence, analytics and social collaboration features thereby increasing the profitability.

Inkey Solutions has exploited Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions from the fundamental “out of the box” models, to the complex architectures featuring dashboards, automation, custom development and system integration. This is possible because we have handpicked each CRM consultant with the necessary technical knowledge and experience to meet the specific needs of our clients, which makes us one of the most promising member of Microsoft Partner Network.


Develop competitive advantage, optimally manage your prospects, and maximize your ROI with Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Know your customers well
  • Improve your Customer relationships
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Ensure long term customer loyalty
  • Clear view of the operations of your organization
  • Take informed decisions and reduce costs

We take care of YOUR CRM project all the way through:

  • Diagnosing and Advising
  • YOUR technical partner for implementation
  • Data integration and Migration
  • Trainings for YOU to enjoy YOUR investment
  • Support and maintenance
  • Our own Add-Ons. Who doesn’t love it?


We design, build, deploy and support customized CRM solution to suit you requirements:

  • Leverage the cloud and work from anywhere
  • Automate your business process
  • Flexible tailored structure to increase YOUR business efficiency
  • Increase your productivity and sales

An End-to-End Solution that integrates smoothly with YOUR existing system. A right technology for business of all sizes.

Our Competencies:

  • Customisation and configuration for Dynamics CRM 4.0 and above
  • Client extensions, Site Map and Ribbon custmisation
  • Power BI slides, Dashboards, Charts, and Reports
  • Business Units, Security Roles, Teams, Access Teams
  • Real-time and background processes
  • Business Process Flows, Dialogues, Business rules
  • Dynamics CRM SDK
  • Plug-ins, Custom workflow activities, Actions
  • REST and SOAP calls using JavaScript
  • CRM Web API calls + Custom Web API calls (developed in .Net)
  • SSRS reports, SQL queries and FetchXML

Our Certifications:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization and Configuration
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Applications
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installation and Deployment
  • Microsoft Certification Extending

Here are the ways how these experts of our company can help you:

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants mainly rely on the best business insights and practices to position our clients on the appropriate CRM maturity level in line with their strategic visions, whether it is planning or communication management, strategic relationship management or bit-by- bit relationship development.

The reach of both custom and out-of- the-box features of this system can actually cover the total client life cycle starting from deal closing to lead generation and post-sale re-engagement. Essentially, all of these services are tied to the sales force KPIs for simpler performance management.


Things we focus on while offering Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution:

Being a leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution provider, it is our aim to deliver CRM solutions to our clients, which impact the bottom lines of their businesses in a positive manner. Here are the things on which we focus to do the same:

At Inkey Solutions, we have honed some unique Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation methodologies that address the needs of our clients in a cost-effective manner as well as how they operate their businesses. Here we take adequate time to understand how the businesses of our clients are operated and therefore we offer them the right solutions, which fit their requirements perfectly. We are also aware the ways to ask the right questions and therefore we offer the right solutions, which progress and streamline their business methodologies.


So, why choose Inkey Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting service?


Case Studies:


Quality Check Process

The client wants to manage their complete Quality Check Process Functionalities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 online.


Fetch xml based reports

The client wants to develop a few reports for their CRM 2016 online and also wants to do some security role configuration in their CRM instance to manage these reports.


Migrate from Sage ACT to Dynamics CRM

The client manages the licenses of liquor and uses Sage ACT to manage their work, but now the client wants to manage his work with Dynamics CRM 2015 and wants to first customize the Dynamics CRM syste


Design and Develop the entire sales cycle

The Customer wants to manage their Sales Cycle, with Microsoft dynamics CRM 2015 Online. They would like to manage their products, phone calls, orders and quote using the system.