Microsoft Office Add-ins

Excel add-in to fetch data from Dynamics CRM

Version – Excel 2007 and above
Client based in - Australia

The Challenge

The Client wanted to fetch their MS Dynamics CRM data from the Excel itself and then perform some Pivoting, Charting & Transformations. Their current practice was to export the data as excel from CRM & then get their work done; which was cumbersome & time consuming and hence became the reason to get a practical solution for the approach.

The Solution

Keeping in mind their requirements, we suggested them to go for Excel VSTO Addin. We added a new tab to excel ribbon and added a button in that tab. On click of this button, the user gets prompted for the CRM instance selection & login credentials in a custom task pane. We also provided them an option for β€œKeep me signed in”.

Once logged in, the user is allowed to define some filter criteria & then fetch the data into the excel sheets directly from MS Dynamics CRM. Once the data is fetched, the user is given different data cleansing & transformation options. It was made so simple that in just few selections & clicks, the fetched data is transformed in the required format. Additionally, some commonly used charts and Pivot Tables were generated automatically.

This made the life of the users working on this data a lot simpler and helped then to become more productive.