Power Automate

What INKEY can do for YOU?

For example: Check for the incoming messages in your Gmail account after every 1 hour and create Case records in the dynamics 365 based on the pre-defined criteria.


Case Studies:


Send mobile notifications to the PowerApp users when the record is updated in the dynamics 365

An Australia based client approached us with the requirement to create Case in the dynamics 365 when a record is created in the SQL database. They also wanted a custom app that will display all these cases and as and when the case is resolved, a mobile notification was to be sent.


Synchronize SharePoint files with the Dynamics 365

The requirement of one of our clients was to create the Lead entity record in the dynamics 365 when a new record is created in the SharePoint list and the images in the record were to be attached to the related Notes of the lead in the dynamics 365.