Mobile App Development

eZeeSalez – Our own product

The Challenge

Supplier, Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler, and Retailer are core part of the “Supply Chain” and when it comes to sharing Product information within them, they are still dependent upon the slow and inefficient ways like e-mail, catalogues, SMS, messenger, telephone, etc. There has always been an increasing demand to expedite this communication process.

The Solution

'eZeeSalez' comes as our answer to this.

eZeeSalez is a whole new approach to the traditional way of Buying and Selling. Whether you are a Manufacturer, Distributor, Dealer, Wholesaler or Retailer & whether you want to Buy or Sell to your existing clients, eZeeSalez provides you the best platform. Now you can Sell products to the best of your customer base as well as Buy products from your trusted sellers and find the best of bota h of these worlds in your contact list itself. With the buyer/seller list coming directly from your contact list, eZeeSalez narrows down the gap between your business and customers

  • As a seller, you can now reach out your customers on any and every Android device. You can share Product information, its Price, and changes in Pricelist with your existing customers in just a single tap. You can showcase different essence of product, using high quality images speaking out for your products. You can maintain custom price lists, for your new and exclusive customers.
  • Buying a product on eZeeSalez is equally easy, with all the product information right at your finger tip on a single tap.
  • eZeeSalez dashboard allows you to access multiple statistics on a single tap. Basically the approach is MORE WORKING, LESS TAPPING.
  • Good things come at a Cost but eZeeSalez doesn't. It's Absolutely FREE.
  • Access eZeeSalez right here,