Microsoft Power BI

Data shaping, modeling, and report building all in one place.

A cloud based, self service business intelligence solution for non-technical business users.

Device independence
Interactive dashboards
Consistent analysis

Let your data tell a story

With Microsoft Power BI you have the power to customize, analyze, and visualize the data. It allows the user to gain access to deeper insights from both on-premise and cloud storage data in dynamic and interactive visualization. Excel spreadsheets, on-premise data, streaming data and cloud services- Power BI brings together all your data in one place.


Meet Microsoft Power BI:

Our Competencies:

  • Prepare the best optimized Tabular Models with BIDS or Power Pivot.
  • Have worked with almost all of the available content packs
  • You name the Visualization & we can do it for you.
  • Custom drill down in Pivot Tables
  • Whether it is Power Query, Power Pivot,Power View or Power Maps in Excel or Power BI as a whole, we do it all.
  • Good hands-on with DAX.
  • Creation of Measures in the most optimised way.

Case Studies:


Power BI in Healthcare

A hospital wanted us to help them with predictive analytics and forecasts for various aspects of the healthcare sector. Power BI was their first choice because of versatility of reports offered.


Helping HR in recruitment process

Our client used to follow a manual paper-work based recruitment process. He had to manage a lot of data in excel sheets. The process was tedious and error prone. On the top of that, they could not afford to spend time in manually analysing the valuable information they captured.


Resolve the existing CRM report problems

One of our client was facing couple of issues in their existing CRM reports. The first problem was to the analyse the time spent in the process by their users. Their existing report doesn’t show it accurately and in expected format. Another point was each time when higher authorities arrived at the site and asked for the reports, they need to do the complete report execution process again to show them the expected output as the report cannot be accessed for a particular set of records outside CRM, which is very time consuming.


Analyse the performance of insurance policies

One of our Insurance domain client wanted to keep track of his business being executed at different locations. They also demanded that the report should not be difficult at all to understand. They wanted a report that helps them to know that which regions, branches and policies are doing more business and which are doing less based on that they could take appropriate actions for increasing their business.