Microsoft Power BI

Helping HR in recruitment process

The Challenge

Our client used to follow a manual paper-work based recruitment process. He had to manage a lot of data in excel sheets. The process was tedious and error prone. On the top of that, they could not afford to spend time in manually analysing the valuable information they captured. As they assigned us the task move towards shifting to new technologies and automating the data capturing and analysing process, they also wanted us to develop useful reports which would help them predict future trends.

The Solution

To keep the automation process in line with other tools used by the client, we suggested them to go with Power BI for reporting purpose.

We developed a number of reports for them. The visuals used were eye catching. The reports were easy enough to understand and even a lay man could grasp useful information by just a glance at a report. The reports contained useful indicators like total recruitment over time and average CTC offered to & is expected by the candidates. All the reports contained default filters like period (Apr 2016 - Mar 2017). We also provided a separate report that allowed to compare candidates based on the aspects like salary, qualification and experience. Drill down reports were included whenever required.

The client could now easily get to know top 10 sources of recruitment and top 10 reasons that made the candidates leave their previous company. The same data helped them to modify their existing policies and reduce employee attrition rate. They could now forecast a lower limit of written test score for selecting candidates. Number of reports included trends built up from the information. Trends like the salary expectations @ a certain experience level with a specific technical expertise helped then a lot in deciding the annual  salary hike of their existing employees. Now they also have numbers of candidates who were expert in a specific technology. And the list of benefits goes on.

The client is more than satisfied with the ease of use and value of information they can capture using Power BI.