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With a vision to be the only choice of our customers, we at INKEY are defined by a core set of values.

We design, develop & build custom solutions while ensuring the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. But this is not possible without our assets, our employees.

Words we live by


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Fun trip

A blissful and fantastic day out! Inkey offered its team members merriment with relaxation! Here we are sharing some of the adored moments!

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Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganpati Bappa Morya,
Pundchya Varshi Lavkar Ya...

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Happy Diwali !

This Diwali was special, as we Inkey family celebrated together and had a great fun with delicious food and festive celebration.

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New office and a new chapter

February 2020 has a special place in our hearts. This was a day we started working from our new office. This was a start of a new chapter in our lives. We appreciate the efforts, we shoulder the blame, we own our mistakes and we seek solutions to your problems even if it’s out of our core expertise.

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Outdoor games

During our regular evening outdoor excursions, we had a lot of fun playing clever and not so clever games. We always have a lot of fun so; nobody wins the games.

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Indoor games

Often times, we play indoor games. In the office. In our free times. This is one area where collaboration equals collapse.

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Holi Celebrations

Holi is always colourful at Inkey. And colors are developer-safe.

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The family that eats together...

Has a great time together. And pizzas are always good!

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Sessions on Saturday

Technical sessions on every Saturday, group discussions, presentations are some activities that we organize at INKEY, that brings learning, development and growth for our employees. We keep ourselves engaged

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We are always open to discussions

We are always open to discussion at all levels. That is, in fact, one of the reasons for our success. At INKEY, our employees enjoy the freedom to discuss and add keep forward their valuable inputs to the higher-level execs. We encourage expressing ideas, opinions and suggestions, and a transparent relationship.


We are socially responsible

We do what we can go give back to the society. Blood donation being one of them.

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Growing growth

Our work demands innovation, improvement and in time solution. We grow as we see you growing, and so does our partnership. That’s what inspires us daily.

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Confidence and positivity

We are confident and, we can do. We might slow down with speed-breakers but we don’t stop. We face hurdles with optimism, teamwork and a smile.

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