Attach files to Notes record of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM/CE from the D365 CRM Custom Portal

, September 30, 2019 518 Views

From the D365 CRM portal, it is now very easy to attach files to the Notes record of an entity.

In the Additional Settings area of the Entity form, there is a section named “Add Attach File”.

You just need to select the checkbox for “Attach File”. Doing this will add a File Control on the web page of the current Entity Form.

Now, select the “Notes” option from the “Attach File Save Option” and “Note Attachment” option from the “Attach File Storage Location”. Doing this will store the file as an attachment to the Notes of the Entity for which the Entity form is configured.

If you want to allow the user to upload multiple files then you can do this by selecting the “Allow Multiple Files” option.


You can also make attaching a file as mandatory by selecting the option “Attach File Required” and can also set the required error message which is to be shown when user clicks on Submit button without uploading a file.

I Hope this helps you!!


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2 responses to “Attach files to Notes record of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM/CE from the D365 CRM Custom Portal”

  1. Christian says:

    The documentation by microsoft is a little bit – aem- lets say: ambivalent: it told me to generate metadata for that purpose. I did both and have a problem with the mimetypes: Even when setting up the right mimetype for acceptance in both areas and prevents me in one system from uploading pdf, the other system allows it. There is no exclusion in the blocked mime types in the crm settings itself for attachments. (zipfiles do not work at all… (well, could be ok 🙂 ))
    Do you find the same strange behaviours?
    Regards, Christian

    • mm Inkey says:

      Hello Christian,

      I am able to upload pdf as well as Zip files from the portal to the Notes attachment. 

      My suggestion is that you should not specify any MIME Type(‘Accept MIME Types’ property in the Additional Settings area of the Entity form) for the attachment in the Portal. You should keep it blank. This will allow you to upload any type of file.

      Also, make sure that the “Restrict Files To Accepted Types” property is not selected.

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