Power BI > Copy Visuals between pbix files – II

, January 7, 2019 7755 Views

Power BI has been growing day by day with the new features that Power BI team is bringing every month.

There was a time when we used to face difficulty whenever it was needed to create same designing for multiple reports but with different datasets, because we couldn’t just copy paste the visual from one Power BI Desktop file to another Power BI Desktop file. In fact, even if we wanted multiple people designing the same report once the data modeling is done, it was a big pain to merge the work later.

We had different workarounds then to copy paste visuals from one file to another. Please read our earlier blog for more details. But still, it was just a workaround after all! 🙁

Citing this, now Power BI has come up with a feature recently in November 2018 Feature Summary where you can easily copy visuals from one file to another just using this feature.

Please visit the following link to refer the feature:

Happy DAXting!



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2 responses to “Power BI > Copy Visuals between pbix files – II”

  1. […] Edited : Guess what? There is an easier way to do this! Please find more details here : Power BI > Copy Visuals between pbix files – II […]

  2. Arun Hariharan says:


    I have a concern. I have to consume data from 10 different reports with one visualisation for each in PowerBI Desktop
    Could you please let me know if its feasible


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