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Our proprietary add-ons are designed to enhance and accelerate your experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

INKEY provides the tools and support that help make business life easier. Our solutions are built for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Get the latest tools to help your business thrive.


Entity Record Counter

Try our proprietary Entity Record Counter for built-in as well as custom entities. It gives the user the ability to get the record count of any entity by just clicking on a button.

Drag and Drop Listbox

Try our proprietary Drag and Drop Listbox for built-in as well as custom entities. It gives the user the ability to drag selected items from Source to Target.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to tighten how organizations (companies established in the EU, regardless of whether or not the processing takes place within the EU and Companies not established in the EU offering goods or services within the EU or to EU individuals) around the world use and manage personal data. Use this Add-On to accelerate your GDPR compliance through Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement / CRM. Install this Add-On in your Dynamics 365 instance and it will automatically meet some of the GDPR compliance requirements like consent management and request management.

Registered Events

Empowering the developers. Organize your development activities and register all its events and related functions with our Registered Events tool.


Empowering the tech savvy business folks. Automate your process of generating the average values for a particular Goal with GoalMetricEx.

View Creator

Use this Add-On to create a personal / system view in CRM with all the fields on the form/s  which you select for a particular entity.

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