ATM Inspection

The Challenge

One of our client in Banking industry needed an App for it’s ATM Inspection team to ease their inspection and report generation process.

The Solution

We developed a PowerApp for the client that have below functionalities:

  • We provide the list of ATMs under the user’s designated area for inspection. The nearby ATMs will be shown on the top of the list which is sorted based on the latitude and longitude of the ATM location compared with the user's current location using the GPS system.


  • We have framed some predefined checklists that the inspector needs to inspect in each ATM. The inspector will tick the checkbox beside the checklist if there is no issue for the same. And if there is an issue for it then, he will click on the ‘+’ button to create an issue and will be navigated to the “Add Issue Details Screen”.


  • In the Add Issue Details screen, the inspector can enter all the details concerned to the issue like ATM name, inspector name, issue title, issue type, description and also there is a provision to capture multiple images of the issue being faced.


  • In this Issue List screen, the inspector can see the list of issues he/she has saved. The inspector can click on each of the list items to see all the details regarding that issue.


  • The inspector can update the details of any issue or delete/take the new image of the issue. When the inspector is done with all the checklists and clicks on the “SUBMIT” button, a record will be created in the dynamics 365 entity named “INSPECTION REPORT”. An automatic report in the PDF format will also be generated and attached to the related “Notes” of the Inspection Report record. This PDF will then be sent to the manager of the Inspector as an attachment to the mail. And for each of the issues that have been reported, a case record will be created in the Microsoft dynamics 365.


  • From here the inspector can capture the images for the selected issue.


  •  Here, the inspector can see the list of cases created in the dynamics 365 for the reported issues for any references.



This App has helped the client to increase the inspection efficiency and eliminated the manual report generation process and everything is maintained in back-end directly with just some clicks.