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Accident Cases Analysis

Note: The data shown above doesn't represent actual data and has been created for showcase purpose.

The Challenge

An accident analysis program is equally important as accident prevention in establishing trends and curbing future accidents. Accident case analysis determine how and why safety failures occur, and what is the status of their cases in court, what are the expense/income done for that accident case, etc.


The Solution

After analysis of the data present, we devised the following questions that could be answered and can be easily interpreted.

  • On which days and which time interval the accidents happen the most/least?
  • How is the accident occurred and what are the most types of collisions occuring?
  • Which accidents are at which stages?
  • Which reasons caused the accident?
  • Which part of the country faces the most/lease number of accidents?
  • Which model had the most/least accidents?
  • Trend of accident by months and weekdays.