Microsoft Business Intelligence

Marketing and Predictive Analytics

Version - SSIS, SSRS, MS SQL Server 2008 (upgraded to MS SQL Server 2012)
Client based in - USA

The Challenge

Our client was in search of a streamlined solution that would serve their purpose of delivering information on the sales of their products for marketing and predictive analytics. Essentially they needed reports which would help them make smart decisions for generating more revenue.

The Solution

We were able to meet the needs of our client by making use of Microsoft BI in a two step process.

First, the SSIS platform was used for the ETL phase of loading data in the data ware house. The business logic demanded for extensive use of Row Count, Data Conversion, Conditional Split, Aggregate, Merge and Merge join transformations.

Then, SSRS platform was used to generate weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. A comprehensive reporting approach was used so as to provide our customer with detailed analysis facilities without compromising on readability of the reports. Drill Down and Drill Through functionalities were utilized to ensure the same. We developed a variety of reports like tabular, matrix, graphs and bar charts.