Microsoft Office Add-ins

Office App for Excel 2016

Version – Excel 2016 online and above
Client based in - USA

The Challenge

A well known Medical practitioner from USA wanted to build a simple yet powerful tool that predicts complexities that a patient may face post operation. And this was mainly related to the probability of post operation nausea & vomiting. Their existing process was purely manual, involving going through the prediction data sheet and matching it with the patients information. This was a very lengthy and hectic process and was involving human errors. Hence, they required something which would make his work really very easy and remove the scope of manual errors.

The Solution

After understanding clients problem we suggested him to go for Office App for excel. The client also liked this Office App concept. And we developed this application for them. This Office App provids sign in provision for registered users and sign up provision for un­registered/demo users.

The registered users are given a provision to fetch their patients data into Microsoft Excel 2016 online from their medical records and on the other hand the demo users are given some demo data to play with pre­filled in the excel file.

After the data is listed in excel, the user are allowed to select the required data & hit the predict button to get the prediction about the complexities that a patient may face after being operated. The doctors are also given with a facility to modify the data in the excel & re­run the prediction.

This tool has proved to be very useful for the Doctors and has got 100% accuracy in it's prediction.