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After using Microsoft Power BI Desktop after so long, there is one very basic feature we feel missing , i.e. we can’t copy or move any visual from one Power BI desktop file to another file.

Microsoft Power BI Desktop does not provide this feature, however we can achieve this by using Power BI Service.

For that, you would need to upload both your reports to Power BI Service.

Here, we have two sample files, MV-Sample1 and MV-Sample2, where visual will be copied from MV-Sample1 to MV-Sample2.
I have uploaded both our sample files to Power BI Service.

To copy visual from MV-Sample1, go to this report in Power BI Service and click on ‘Edit report’ option. MV-Sample1 report is in ‘editing mode’.

Select the visual which you want to copy and press ‘CTRL+C’. Then, click on second report, where you want to copy the visual, from the navigation bar on the left.

As you click on the second report, you will be directed to the second report in reading view.

To paste the visual, click on ‘Edit report’ option and press ‘CTRL+V’.

Visual will be copied there.

You can then save the report and then download the report by clicking on File > Download a report (Preview).

Thus, you can copy visuals from one pbix file to another.

Points to note:

  • You have to upload both the reports on Power BI Service.

  • You can copy visuals only when both the reports in Power BI Service are open in the same tab.

  • If you doesn’t have common dataset(i.e. should have tables, measures or columns with same name), it will generate an error.

Edited : Guess what? There is an easier way to do this! Please find more details here : Power BI > Copy Visuals between pbix files – II

Happy Reporting!



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