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Case Studies

Migration of data from multiple sources and creating Power BI Reports

A nationwide network of learning centers operates under an organization, generating surplus data stored across five different sources tailored to specific requirements. Utilizing this data, the organization aims to develop comprehensive Power BI Reports that are both robust and user-friendly, ensuring easy comprehension and usability.

Send notifications to Stakeholders about Sales and Inventory of Product reaching a Particular Threshold.

There is an FMCG company having a Nationwide presence that supply FMCG products which are usually not long-lasting products and regarded as CPG (Packaged Goods for Consumers). So, to minimize the wastage and maximize the sales it is very crucial to monitor sales and inventory and take necessary action. All this business is managed Using Dynamics 365 CRM and data is Stored in its unified storage location Dataverse. Using this Data, company wants to develop a Power BI Report which helps them to have a bird eye’s view of their business and track the Sales and Inventory of their products in various stores and notify the manager concerned on crossing a prescribed threshold.

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