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Case Studies

Managing the project billability, employee efficiency, time clocking by the employees and creating the client timesheets

One major challenge that we faced was managing timesheets of each member of our organisation. We used to create an Excel spreadsheet for each project that we worked on which we would update with a short description of the task, the start time and the end time of that task. This meant that each one of us would maintain one spreadsheet for each project that we worked on. Our team leads and project managers would go through each of these spreadsheets, understand the task and the time spent and update a spreadsheet which they maintained and set to the client. So, at the start of or end of each day, the team lead and project manager would have to juggle multiple timesheets of each project that they oversaw. Not only was this time consuming but left room for error also.

ATM Inspection

One of our client in Banking industry needed an App for it’s ATM Inspection team to ease their inspection and report generation process.

Diamond Price Prediction

The client wanted an application to estimate price of polish diamonds based on different parameters like: Carat, Color, Shape, Fluorescence, Symmetry, RAP etc. This application was to be used by the client’s purchasing department to replace the manual pricing procedure they had been following till date.

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