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Empowering you to gain access to the most accurate and up-to-date information for better decision making through Microsoft Business Intelligence.
INKEY offers Microsoft Business Intelligence to suit your need. Be it existing data, external data or unstructured data.

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Business Intelligence

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Empower Your Business with Our Microsoft Business Intelligence Services

Since things change quickly, data is the most vital instrument for effective business decisions. However, the huge amounts and types of data that modern businesses create can make it hard for people to choose.

It's harder to find useful ideas because of this. Business Intelligence (BI) solutions help. These help companies leverage data for long-term growth. We provide our customers with 100% customized Microsoft Business Intelligence services since we know how vital BI is to running a business today.


Maximize the Benefits of Microsoft Business Intelligence

Microsoft Business Intelligence helps companies organize, analyze, and present data. Microsoft BI covers all business sizes and types. It can analyze data, create dashboards, and send reports. Microsoft Power BI, Excel, and SQL Server provide useful business data. That helps them make wise decisions and build their businesses.

Microsoft Business Intelligence customization

Because every firm has individual data needs and business goals, our Microsoft Business Intelligence consultants firm customizes Microsoft Business Intelligence. Our seasoned business intelligence (BI) experts collaborate with clients to understand their goals and develop effective solutions.

Whether you want to simplify data consolidation, improve reports, or apply advanced analytics, our team can help.

Data compilation and analysis

Effective data handling is essential to BI project success. Our Microsoft Business Intelligence company helps organizations combine and analyze data to ensure accuracy, consistency, and reliability.

Our professionals collaborate with clients to locate data sources, assess data quality, and plan data fusion and change. Combining data sets into a single repository helps organizations understand their operations and make better decisions.

Data Warehouse Modeling and Analysis

A well-designed data warehouse supports advanced analytics and reports. We specialize in data warehouse modeling and analysis and assist clients in implementing scalable, performance-enhancing solutions.

We tailor your data warehouse to your company's needs using best practices and cutting-edge technologies. This covers ETL and dimensional modeling. Data can be structured or unstructured. You can maximize both with our aid.

Information delivery improvements

Business success requires timely, accurate information. We optimize client information delivery with our company so decision-makers get the insights they need when they need them.

Our team can assist you in improving data collection, reporting, and visualization to make it easier for your company's employees to acquire the necessary information.

Supporting C#/VB.NET assemblies

To maximize your BI investments, ensure they work with other tools and systems. We excel at integrating Microsoft BI products with C# and VB.NET libraries. This enables companies to use their existing technology with BI.

Custom apps or third-party platforms let you make data-driven decisions using your favorite tools and procedures. Add BI features that work with them easily with our support.

Managing master data

Your organization needs consistent, trustworthy core data to be accurate and complete. Our MDM services assist companies in establishing effective master data management systems to centralize their most critical business data.

We provide complete MDM solutions to assist organizations in making decisions using trustworthy data. These solutions handle data quality and control.

Dashboard and KPI design

KPIs and screens help businesses track their performance and improve. We as Microsoft Business Intelligence excel in creating KPIs and dashboards that immediately show clients crucial data and trends.

For operational efficiency, sales success, or customer satisfaction, we can create bespoke dashboards that provide actionable insights and help you make smart decisions.

Reporting, Study

Good data analysis requires a lot of reporting and investigation. Our team employs Microsoft BI tools like SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS to provide your business with customized reporting and analytical solutions.

We can help you extract the most from your data, whether you're creating simple reports, complex analytics models, or automated workflows.


Why Should You Pick Our Microsoft Business Intelligence?

We know that picking the right BI partner is important for getting the most out of your Microsoft BI efforts at our company. We think you should pick us because of these things:

Know-how and experience:

Our BI professionals have years of experience putting Microsoft BI solutions into place in various fields and businesses.

Making changes:

Our approach to BI is very personalized, and we make sure that our solutions fit the wants and goals of each client.

Smooth Integration:

Our Microsoft Business Intelligence experts combine Microsoft BI solutions with other programs and systems, ensuring they work together without any problems and causing your business as little downtime as possible.

Ability to grow:

At Microsoft Business Intelligence, we make products that can grow and change your business, big or small.

Customer Service and Repairs:

We offer ongoing help and maintenance services to keep your Microsoft BI environment running at its best and most optimized.


Reach Inkey Now!

Today, everything is data-driven. Data helps businesses expand strategically and stay ahead of the competition. Our unique Microsoft Business Intelligence services help you maximize data and make informed business decisions.

Whether you want to simplify data consolidation, improve reports, or apply advanced analytics, our company can help. Choose our company as your dependable BI partner and start your data-driven success.

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