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Case Studies

Linked Server and SSRS report performance

Recently we had to use linked servers to fetch data for some SSRS reports. Our initial approach degraded the performance and the reports were getting loaded very slow which was not at all acceptable. We had to come up with a solution that would use linked servers yet decrease the report loading time.

Performance Optimization

One of existing our clients whom we provide support for BI and SQL Server had a stored procedure giving poor performance and we were asked to analyse it for optimization. The limitation was to just re-structure the queries without making any changes to the underlying DB structure.

Database Design

For our client, handling and managing the business processes involved a lot of manual work which was tedious, error- prone and time consuming. The client suffered delays in making deliveries to the customers, which were danger for the client's image. The client wanted us to develop an easy to use ERP that would automate their business processes and help eliminate the cons of manual work. Giving the much obvious benefits of SQL Server, we decided to use it in for the back-end.

Migrating from SSIS to T-SQL

The client provided us some SSIS packages, which extracted required information from their servers having identical databases. For some servers, it was not possible to use SSIS and the client wanted to have T-SQL Queries developed, which would return the same results as those of the SSIS packages.

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