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Case Studies

Shopping cart in PowerApps Portal

The client wanted to create a shopping cart where they could show their products that were in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. They wanted a full shopping cart experience from the portal. 

Display records in PowerApps Portal based on hierarchy of the logged-in Contact

Display the Accounts, Cases, and Contacts in the PowerApps Portal based on the hierarchy to which the logged-in Contact belongs to. Currently, PowerApps Portal properties provide only the Parent Account of the logged-in Contact. There is no direct way to fetch the records as per the hierarchy of the logged-in Contact. 

Upload Image from Portal and prepare Word document

One of our clients was having a requirement of attaching the media files like images with their captions from Dynamics 365 Portal and prepares a word document (.docx) of those images with captions. Maximum number of images added can be 50 images at once. Also, upload that document on SharePoint on relevant path. 

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