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Case Studies

Streamlining Monthly Data Reporting Through Email

In the process of streamlining monthly data reporting through email, the challenge arises from gathering data from various sources and amalgamating it for dissemination to the respective managers. Human intervention in this process introduces the risk of anomalies or data discrepancies, necessitating solutions to ensure data accuracy and integrity. Additionally, implementing client-side validation for data quality becomes imperative to address any inconsistencies or errors before further processing.

Transport data to and from flat files

Our customer often wants us to develop custom packages which either extract data from their databases to flat files or load data from flat files in their databases.

Integration using Power Automate and Azure Web API

The client wanted to integrate a 3rd party service to bring data from the service’s system into their own at regular intervals and send some data back if required.

Integrate website and mobile app with Dynamics 365 Sales

The client wanted their Dynamics 365 instance to communicate with a third-party service. They wanted information entered in Dynamics 365 to go to these third-party services.

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