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Case Studies

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales for Travel Insurance

The client provides travel insurance. They had to store the first pages of 2 documents on SharePoint. So they were uploading the entire documents.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales for Investigative Agency

The investigators that the client employed would have to send the photos via emails and mention what the photos were about. The client's employees would manually download the photos, place them in a word document and then add the information that the invesigators supplied.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to provide Multimedia service.

The client needs to help media companies by earning revenue. They need everything that the media companies require to run advertising operations from their end. They wanted a system so that they can provide service to their customer as well.

Design and Develop the entire sales cycle

The Customer wants to manage their Sales Cycle, with Microsoft dynamics CRM 2015 Online. They would like to manage their products, phone calls, orders and quote using the system.

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