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Email Deduplication In Customer Insights

, January 5, 2024691 Views

The email deduplication in Customer Insights feature prevents sending of duplicate emails to the same email address, ensuring a more efficient communication process. Email deduplication is enabled in journeys through the setting of customer insight journey but is disabled by default and applies to all segment-based journeys. How to enable email deduplication Open Customer Insights […]

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Automatically schedule the SSRS Report and send it as PDF attachment with the email in Microsoft D365 CE/CRM

, June 21, 201916277 Views

The Microsoft D365 CE/CRM provides the feature to run the selected SSRS reports manually. But I had the requirement to schedule the execution of report on a user-specified frequency like daily, weekly or monthly and send the report to the user via email as an attachment. But I did not find any OOB feature in […]

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