Parse JSON for Multi-Type Properties

, February 6, 2024269 Views

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a widely used data format for storing and exchanging data. It is easy to read, write, and parse, making it a popular choice for data interchange. However, when working with JSON data, you may encounter scenarios where a column or field can contain multiple types of data. In this blog […]

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Concurrency Control In Loop In Power Automate And Logic Apps

, December 22, 2023827 Views

To understand concurrency control in loop of Power Automate Flow/Logic Apps, let us try to understand in this blog about, what is concurrency in a loop, how it is beneficial of us and when we do not need to manage concurrency. What is Concurrency? Concurrency means one kind of parallelism where the number of operations […]

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Filter The Array/Collections Using Power Automate Or LogicApps

, November 7, 2023935 Views

Can we filter the array/collections using Power Automate or LogicApps? Ever came across a situation where from a list of records/objects, you only want to get few based on some criteria in Power Automate Flow?  Most of us have gone through that but with the loop approach. In this blog, we will talk about the […]

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Get Documents E-Signed Using Power Automate Flow

, October 20, 2023399 Views

In today’s world, everything is moving towards automation and digitalization. This has also impacted the process to get the document signed. Now we can get documents e-signed using Power Automate flow. Yes, you read it correct. We now have the connector in the Power Automate flow to get the documents e-signed with DocuSign. Before going […]

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Microsoft Power Platform 2023 release wave 2 plan overview

, September 27, 2023390 Views

Microsoft has announced the latest updates to the customers which are planned to be released during the period of October 2023 through March 2024 as a part of wave 2. Below are some of the features of Microsoft’s wave 2 which are more exciting to get started with. Let’s see what new features have been […]

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NLP in Power Automate Flow

, September 19, 2023597 Views

So, what is NLP or Natural Language Processing in Power Automate? Let’s say you are fresher to Power Automate Flow and you have a requirement to implement it. But as a fresher, first you will need to understand which Connector will be used for that, which action and many more. What if I say that […]

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Power Automate, now on mobile

, April 20, 2023876 Views

This blog provides an overview of the Microsoft Power Automate mobile app, including installation, changing environments, limitations, and features. You can experience the familiar look and feel of Power Automate on the go with the Power Automate mobile app. Just as we used Microsoft Power Automate for Desktop, Microsoft introduced Power Automate for Mobile as […]

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Setting up the Custom Columns of SharePoint with Power Automate Flow and displaying them in Documents Grid in Dynamics 365 for Sales

, June 2, 20215491 Views

Many times while uploading the documents of Dynamics CRM to the SharePoint we require that the fields of Dynamics CRM be reflected in the SharePoint column and we could also see the value populated in SharePoint Column in CRM. If you have any such requirements, stay tuned, as this blog is going to cover all […]

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Error Handling in Microsoft Flow

, July 11, 20195412 Views

The Microsoft Flow provides us no-code solutions which help us to achieve the requirements faster. But, what if we want to manage the things based on the errors or breaks in the flow and if the flow is failed due to some reason? In this blog, I will explain to you how to handle errors or […]

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Automatically schedule the SSRS Report and send it as PDF attachment with the email in Microsoft D365 CE/CRM

, June 21, 201915845 Views

The Microsoft D365 CE/CRM provides the feature to run the selected SSRS reports manually. But I had the requirement to schedule the execution of report on a user-specified frequency like daily, weekly or monthly and send the report to the user via email as an attachment. But I did not find any OOB feature in […]

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