Use Google maps to measure distance in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Part 3 of 3

, March 27, 2020207 Views

Story so far… In the previous blogs, I gave a brief overview of what we need and how to get the API key from Google Maps. In the final part of the blog, I will tell you how to measure the distance. In this part we will be dealing with the CRM side of things. […]

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Use Google maps to measure distance in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Part 2 of 3

, March 19, 2020231 Views

Previously on Inkey Solutions blog… In the last blog post, I discussed some basics about integrating Google Maps into Dynamics 365 for Sales. You can check it out if you still haven’t. Now let’s go into details. In this part of the blog, I will tell you about what you need from Google. So, Google. […]

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Use Google maps to measure distance in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Part 1 of 3

, February 28, 2020590 Views

Google is everywhere and thanks to Android based smartphones, so are Google Maps. But in the case of Microsoft Dynamics 365 or the entire Microsoft ecosystem, we do not need Google Maps. Microsoft already has Bing Maps and there are many solutions on AppSource which integrate Bing Maps in a number of ways. So why […]

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Steps to move existing Legacy(Classic Interface) to UCI(Unified Client Interface) in Microsoft Dynamics 365

, February 14, 20201114 Views

As of September 2019, Microsoft has announced that the legacy web client is deprecated. Customers must transition to Unified Interface before October 1, 2020. Microsoft will continue to provide support, security and other critical updates to the legacy web client until October 1, 2020, but won’t release any additional functionality beyond what has already been […]

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Solve error while deleting a custom Business Process Flow – Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

, December 18, 2019670 Views

This is a blog intended to let the readers know the way to solve the error that you get normally when trying to delete a custom Business Process Flow. Many times when you try to delete the custom Business Process Flow, a pop-up would be opened saying that you cannot delete this Business Process Flow […]

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Disable recent item selection in the Lookup field of the Unified Interface form – Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

, December 5, 20191362 Views

In the Unified Interface form, the lookup field shows up the recently searched records as shown in the below screen-shot. It is a very useful feature. But in some scenarios, it conflicts with the implemented functionality. For example, If you have applied a custom filter logic to the Contact Lookup field on the Case entity […]

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Attach files to Notes record of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM/CE from the D365 CRM Custom Portal

, September 30, 20194160 Views

From the D365 CRM portal, it is now very easy to attach files to the Notes record of an entity. In the Additional Settings area of the Entity form, there is a section named “Add Attach File”. You just need to select the checkbox for “Attach File”. Doing this will add a File Control on […]

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Power BI > How to fetch Dynamics 365 CE data

, September 20, 20191098 Views

Power BI provides several different ways to fetch data from Dynamics 365 CE and today I will share my know-how on them. 1. Dynamics 365 Online Connector This method is mostly used to fetch data from Dynamics 365 CE. Initially, this was the only method to fetch data from CE. To use this, go to Get […]

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Filter subgrid based on the lookup field value in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE

, September 10, 20192873 Views

Let’s learn today how to filter the sub-grid on a form based on the lookup field value. Below is an example where we will create a sub-grid of a custom entity named “Agents” on the Contact entity form which will display records based on the “Account Name” lookup field value on the Contact form. For […]

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Automatically schedule the SSRS Report and send it as PDF attachment with the email in Microsoft D365 CE/CRM

, June 21, 20193027 Views

The Microsoft D365 CE/CRM provides the feature to run the selected SSRS reports manually. But I had the requirement to schedule the execution of report on a user-specified frequency like daily, weekly or monthly and send the report to the user via email as an attachment. But I did not find any OOB feature in […]

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