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Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator : Transforming Education Management

, June 2, 2023 1205 Views

Dynamics 365 allows us to develop vertical solutions using industry accelerators. Accelerators are the extensions for the Microsoft Power Platform applications that provide the templates to suit the respective industry requirements. They provide most of the inbuilt functionalities so that the specific industries could leverage those features for their business requirements.

In this blog we are focusing on the Education Accelerator which is composed of Education Data Model including custom tables, connections with out-of-the-box tables and some sample data that are designed to show use cases of the data model.

Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator comes with the sample applications as below:

  • Higher education portal
  • Higher education app
  • Program registration portal
  • Program management app
  • K-12 portal
  • K-12 app

This helps to reduce the effort required to build the education related applications which are useful for the parents, students, staff and non-staff to keep track of the progressive and overall growth of students in academics by validating the grade points and GPA scores.

Dynamics 365 Education Installation Highlights

  • If you want to install the education accelerator, you must have a valid Power Apps license with the administrator role. You can also try the same in a 30-day free trial of Power Apps environment.
  • The Higher Education portal comes with a “Events” feature which is dependent upon the Dynamics 365 Marketing module. So, your environment must have a Marketing application to use this feature.
  • The apps are also added with effective dashboards and reports that provide the status of overall learning process by the students.
  • You can install different solutions related to any of the applications for Higher Education or K-12 using the Package Deployer by following the instructions in the article below.

Deploy packages using Package Deployer and Windows PowerShell

  • You can download the complete installation guide from the link below.


Though you will get the complete documentation from the Github, I am just highlighting the features available from the Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator apps as below:

Higher Education Portal

  • Students can login into the Higher Education Portal with their credentials.
  • The portal allows access to details like university information, personal course history and achievements, and the status of grant and scholarship applications.
  • Students can schedule meetings with their advisors.
  • The portal helps to track the progress on the percentage of courses completed.
  • The portal allows to register for various Events. This is possible to leverage only if you have the license for Dynamics 365 Marketing Module.

higher education portal

Higher Education App

  • The university administrators will be able to access the student details from the model driven app Contact form. It helps to track the number of courses completed, scores, course history, related advisors and so on.
  • There will be an internship form available related to the students.
  • The advisors will be able to view their upcoming meetings from the dashboard.
  • The business partners who are responsible for granting scholarships, internships and other event registrations can view the status of applicants from the app via dashboard.

higher education app screen1

higher education app screen 2

Program Registration Portal

  • This portal comes with the program catalog where the students can find the academic and non-academic programs offered by their university.
  • Students will be able to see the course details and register for the same.
  • Also, they will be able to view all the current registrations.

program registration portal

Program Management App

The administrators can use this model driven app to maintain the available programs for their university and allow for registrations from the portal.

program management app

K-12 Portal

  • This portal is basically designed to help the students that come under K-12 grades. The students can login into the portal to check their new assignments.
  • Students can validate their class schedules, attendance, homework, assignments, extracurricular activities, school calendar, course history and other details from the website page.

k12 portal

K-12 App

The model driven app allows the administrator to view the details of students including attendance, courses, internships, accomplishments, extracurricular activities, interventions, assessments, and behavior incidents. The administrator can also check the certifications completed by the teachers.

k12 app

I hope the blog has provided some ideas on Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator features which can be used by any educational institution to keep track of the progressive growth of their students and teachers.

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