Add custom fonts in SSRS Report

, February 13, 2024497 Views

Adding  custom fonts in SSRS or SQL Server Reporting Services is a powerful way to personalize and enhance the visual appeal of your reports. This process involves selecting a distinct typeface that aligns with your brand identity and integrating it seamlessly into your SSRS environment. Let’s explore how the addition of a custom font can […]

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Leveraging SQL Schema Compare in Visual Studio for Efficient Database Management

, January 2, 2024703 Views

In the dynamic landscape of database management, maintaining and evolving database schemas is a critical aspect. Visual Studio provides a powerful platform for managing these tasks efficiently. In this blog post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of using SQL Schema Compare for altering, creating, and deleting objects, and discuss why Visual Studio is a […]

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Copying environment variables from one environment to another using SQL query

, October 7, 20221938 Views

As any developer, one always follows the cycle of deployment using different environments, i.e., DEV (for development phase or the underground lab) -> UAT (for testing phase or Racoon city) -> PROD (for real-time application or the world). In SSIS also, we are able to deploy the same SSIS package in 3 different environments, but […]

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Migrate Audit records from Dynamics 365 CRM to Azure SQL Server

, May 12, 20222908 Views

Storage space comes at a premium in Dynamics 365 world. So, we need to manage it carefully and aggressively. When audit is enabled, the space it occupies creeps up steadily and silently and we only notice it when we get a message from Microsoft telling us we have run out of storage space. So, a […]

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Updating the SQL DataSource from Power BI using Power Automate Visual

, August 6, 20216131 Views

Ever thought of manipulating the data in your SQL data source directly from the Power BI Report? If yes, our prayers have been heard (as the use of Power Automate within Power BI is still in Preview as of writing this blog) and will be answered soon (when made GA)! An exciting new feature was […]

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Microsoft Business Intelligence: SSRS > Shared Dataset > Not detecting NEW fields > a simple fix

, April 20, 20208704 Views

For many reasons, we may feel the need of bringing additional fields to the SSRS dataset. A common issue faced when using SSRS i.e. Microsoft Business Intelligence shared datasets is when we change the backend query to bring additional fields for reporting, the dataset fails to recognize this change. Let us try to regenerate this […]

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