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Power BI Consulting: Switching between Aggregated Value and Break downed values using Field Parameters

, April 12, 2024351 Views

Switching between aggregated values and breakdown values using Field Parameters in Microsoft Power BI allows users the flexibility to choose between viewing the total amount for all categories, such as products or regions, or breaking down the amount values by specific categories. This capability through Microsoft Power BI Consulting empowers users to view aggregated sales […]

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Microsoft Power BI Consulting: How to get the data from the outlook attachment and load it to the Power BI report

, April 5, 2024408 Views

In the dynamic realm of data analytics and Microsoft Power BI Consulting, incorporating Excel files into Microsoft Power BI reports is a common practice. Often, these files are received as email attachments in Outlook, requiring a manual download and integration process. While this approach is functional, it poses challenges when it comes to maintaining an […]

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Enhancements in the New Card Visual in Power BI

, March 19, 2024276 Views

Microsoft is always keen to bring new updates to its reporting service Power BI. Because, it has a wide user base and makes it easy for the report viewers and data analysts to easily dive into their data and analyze it. This also makes the report developers happy because they find it easy to show […]

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Revolutionizing DAX with the Magic of Visual Calculation in Power BI

, March 15, 2024384 Views

The February 2024 update marks a transformative shift in DAX in Power BI writing with the introduction of visual calculations! Visual calculations entail defining and executing DAX calculations directly within a visual. These calculations have the flexibility to reference any data within the visual, be it columns, measures, or other visual calculations. This innovative approach […]

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Enhancing Column chart for Variance Analysis in Power BI: A Step-by-Step Guide

, March 13, 2024312 Views

In the dynamic landscape of business analytics, tracking and comparing sales or profit variances across different categories or countries is essential. While Power BI has been a go-to tool for visualizing data, the conventional methods of representing variances were limited. In this technical blog, we will explore how to leverage the reference line feature in […]

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Efficiently Sharing and Synchronizing Power BI Reports within Your Organization: A Cost-effective Approach

, October 10, 2023598 Views

In today’s business landscape, organizations are constantly seeking ways to maximize growth while minimizing operational costs. Sharing essential information and insights with management or higher-level teams is crucial for decision-making. However, investing in Pro user or Premium per-user licenses for a limited number of users who only need access to view a specific Power BI […]

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Embed Power BI reports in Power Apps Portal

, April 8, 20223858 Views

We can now embed Power BI Dashboard/Reports in PowerApps Portal with few easy steps. Prerequisite:-    D365 Customer Service organization having a Global user with D365 and Power BI license. ENABLE POWER BI VISUALIZATION  In the PowerApps select the environment where you have provisioned the Portal. Go to Your Apps section from Power Apps home page and locate […]

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Power BI > Embed Dashboard/Report in D365 Sales with RLS – 5

, April 30, 20214570 Views

There are various approaches to embed Power BI Dashboard/Report in D365 Sales, but each approach comes with its own drawbacks and cons that might not complement your requirements. Earlier we have posted blogs that describe the 4 approaches but as I said they have their own pre-requisite and cons. With the advancements of Power BI […]

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