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Revolutionizing Data Management with Microsoft Fabric Consultants

, May 6, 2024303 Views

In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses are always looking for new ways to improve their data management. Before Microsoft Fabric technology came along, managing data was tough – there were silos, integration problems, and scalability issues. But with Microsoft Fabric, everything’s changed. Microsoft Fabric consultants are at the forefront of this revolution, guiding organizations to […]

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Microsoft Business Intelligence: A Game-Changer for Multi-Sector Business Owners

, April 23, 202491 Views

In the dynamic/diverse sphere of multi-sector businesses, it is essential to stay ahead in the market which requires strategic decision-making backed by insightful data analysis. Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) emerges as a hero tool set in these diverse industries from empowering entrepreneurs to even large undertakings in order to unlock valuable business insights. Microsoft Business […]

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Add custom fonts in SSRS Report

, February 13, 20241032 Views

Adding  custom fonts in SSRS or SQL Server Reporting Services is a powerful way to personalize and enhance the visual appeal of your reports. This process involves selecting a distinct typeface that aligns with your brand identity and integrating it seamlessly into your SSRS environment. Let’s explore how the addition of a custom font can […]

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Copying environment variables from one environment to another using SQL query

, October 7, 20222156 Views

As any developer, one always follows the cycle of deployment using different environments, i.e., DEV (for development phase or the underground lab) -> UAT (for testing phase or Racoon city) -> PROD (for real-time application or the world). In SSIS also, we are able to deploy the same SSIS package in 3 different environments, but […]

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Microsoft Business Intelligence: SSRS > Shared Dataset > Not detecting NEW fields > a simple fix

, April 20, 20209017 Views

For many reasons, we may feel the need of bringing additional fields to the SSRS dataset. A common issue faced when using SSRS i.e. Microsoft Business Intelligence shared datasets is when we change the backend query to bring additional fields for reporting, the dataset fails to recognize this change. Let us try to regenerate this […]

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SSRS – How to handle multi tenants in single instance?

, June 11, 20194352 Views

Problem Statement: We have different SQL databases for different tenants(or clients), and we want the same SSRS report to fetch data from different databases based on the user who is executing the report. To achieve this, we can have a data source that is dynamic by using an expression-based connection string. Below is a quick explanation […]

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Few Things About The Microsoft Business Intelligence Services

, October 31, 20171857 Views

These days, we live in some hyper-connected world where information works as the key to success for both the businesses and individuals. But raw details contained in the data repository can actually make some clear sense and this is the place where the business Intelligence tools mainly come into the picture. Microsoft offers an entire […]

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Inkey’s ability pond

, June 8, 20175289 Views

‘‘INKEY’s ability pond” is your one stop shop to learn more about the services offered at INKEY. Here, our authors discuss on some of the topics like Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Business Intelligence, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Office Add-ins, Mobile Development, and Custom Application Development.

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