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Few Things About The Microsoft Business Intelligence Services

, October 31, 2017 1892 Views

These days, we live in some hyper-connected world where information works as the key to success for both the businesses and individuals. But raw details contained in the data repository can actually make some clear sense and this is the place where the business Intelligence tools mainly come into the picture.

Microsoft offers an entire range of business Intelligence tools as part of Microsoft Sharepoint, SQL server and Office applications. For the companies, which embrace Microsoft Technologies, Microsoft Business Intelligence works as the logical extension to all these systems. Microsoft has a number of products meant for data analytics (SSAS), integration (SSIS), visualization and business intelligence (SSRS). It is possible to deploy all these tools either as the part of any Sharepoint system or stand-alone. And therefore these tools can be integrated fully with the MS Office desktop products like as Excel. The Microsoft Business Intelligence consultants India address the business intelligence needs of the companies properly by helping them to implement services and systems like as SQL Server Reporting Services.

These services and systems will empower the businesses with the necessary knowledge and tools that are important to drive greater productivity while lowering the total ownership cost through practical and intelligent applications of endlessly powerful business technologies that are available through Microsoft. So, Microsoft Business Intelligence works as an entire suite of client, server and developer products with the applications within every size of the business and across every market.

The Microsoft Business Intelligence consultants also offer the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform services to architect the SQL Server System in a secure, scalable and extendable manner. These consultants work with the subject matter experts, business users and technical staff members to identify as well as to articulate the business requirements, to evaluate the technical environment and data architecture and align the software tools with the business-user requirements for effective delivery of information. These consultants help the businesses to get the most out of the Microsoft Business Intelligence that include planning, architecture, development and design of system and lifecycle management.


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Importance of SQL Server Reporting Services and Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services:

The Microsoft SQL Server database in the enterprise edition along with other iterations is available with strong Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services. Both of these help business owners to gain insights from the data stored in the repository while allowing them the flexibility to mix data from various sources.

SQL Server Reporting Services have some special features, which make these really easy as well as inexpensive to implement data warehousing and business intelligence (BI). Therefore, these are really helpful for empowering the users to make informed and effective decisions on the basis of trusted data, which is delivered in the formats that are really appropriate for the users. These service providers work with the clients to assess and plan the Business Intelligence strategy, to develop significant visual representations of the performance and procedures, to create flexible and informative operational and management reports and also to deploy a dashboard. Every engagement created by these experts is crafted with the purposes like quick return on investment, rapid implementation, reduced knowledge transfer and risk to the staff members. So, whether you are in search of an expert guidance for your team members or a complete solution, then the service providers will implement the new system or will review the existing system.

On the other hand, using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services or SSIS offered by the consultants make sure that the data is properly sourced while ensuring the quality and offering proper data architecture for analyzing and reporting effectively. This type of consulting service mainly addresses the areas like:

  • Cleansing and profiling data to improve the quality of data
  • Data integration from heterogeneous and multiple data sources
  • Management of metadata to ensure data history and lineage
  • Master data management
  • Information management throughout the lifecycle to make sure compliance and governance


So, in conclusion, it can be said that both SSRS and SSIS services offered by the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services consultants India can help the business owners to implement a proper information management foundation, which can deliver accurate, integrated and timely data across the companies. Besides, these professionals also help by offering trusted data in the fields of data warehousing, business intelligence, master data management and data migration. The main goal of these services is to offer the decision makers with relevant, accurate and actionable details leading to improved client satisfaction, improved profitability and operation efficiency.


Vinay Pugalia

T-SQL, SSRS, WinForms and Power BI expert having 13+ years of I.T. experience.
Competent and experienced project leader & architect with vast experience in managing multi-disciplinary teams of varying sizes and complex programs of work.

Strengths include successful analysis and problem-solving expertise, highly rated oral and written communications skills, and proven project management experience. Strong in designing the Application Architecture, providing out of box solutions & a very good trouble shooter.

Have also implemented various applications using Patterns and Practices from Microsoft like Smart Client Software Factory, Enterprise Library (Application blocks for Caching, Cryptography, Data Access, Exception Handling and Logging), Web Service Software Factory, etc. Strong background in C#, Visual Studio, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF, WCF, Web API, MVVM, and SQL Server.

Committed to excellent work ethics and desire to excel in all walks of life. Strongly believe in giving my 110% in whatever we do.

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