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Importance Of Microsoft Power BI And How Can It Help A Business?

, November 13, 2017 3281 Views

Business Intelligence is one of the latest buzzwords that appear in the top trends in the businesses. As a result, a number of businesses have started exploring new business intelligence solutions like Microsoft Power BI offered by the Microsoft Power BI consultants India. But what Microsoft Power BI actually is and how it is powerful for any business?

Business Analytics platforms allow the businesses to join data from different systems, share insights easily with executives and colleagues and analyze the data through some visually beautiful dashboards. It also brings the control of big data to everybody through the self-explanatory visualizations.

Microsoft Power BI works as a leading BI solution. This solution gets the accessibility and flexibility because of the high reconfigurability and ease-of-use. This is the reason why more and more companies are now implementing Microsoft BI without giving up the key features.

The robust analytics of Microsoft Power BI offers the users the scope to create insightful and powerful dashboards and reports. Besides, With Microsoft Power BI, it is possible for one to go to the dashboard with data-rich reports and insightful visuals from a simple spreadsheet in a single click. Microsoft uses a number of key components to meet the specific requirements of any business in a flexible manner. The main components of Microsoft Power BI include:

  • Power BI mobile: It enables the users to go through their reports on the Smartphones or tablets in real-time. Besides, this also ensures that the users always remain connected to the information, which matters to them.
  • Power BI gateway: It acts as the main core for Microsoft Power BI while delivering visualizations and reports to the users while assisting them to keep the database access secured and properly controlled.
  • Power BI desktop: It allows the analysts to create reports, add more data sources and explore the data connections. Besides, this also allows the users to publish data and reports into some easy to share docs.

How does Microsoft Power BI actually work?

Microsoft Power BI mainly uses datasets that one can connect to or can import. For instance, sales data, customer data, and internal supply chain data- all things can be connected to the Power BI. This software solution is available in both cloud service and on-premise options, offering an organization completely flexibility. The data is then used to create reports including a page or more of data visualizations like charts, tables, graphs etc. As every dataset can be reused, therefore the same data can actually appear on numerous reports.

This thing offers the users the data, which they require across the functions. This also enables reports to display numerous sets of data visually as required. The users are capable of exploring, refreshing and reusing data as per the permission set by the administrators.

Features of Microsoft Power BI:

Being a business intelligence platform, Power BI converts the data of any business into reach visualizations, which can deliver some key insights. Here are the main features of this solution:

  • Drag and drop visualizations: Microsoft Power BI desktop provides intuitive report authoring tools, which really help you to uncover patterns quickly as you explore the linked visualizations on some interactive and rich dashboard.
  • Unified data: Microsoft Power BI unites all the data in a single interface. Whether it is on-premises or in the cloud, it is actually possible to combine data from various databases, web services, excel files and streaming data sources. One can, therefore, fix any formatting or quality issues quickly by using the visual design tools of this platform.
  • Visual answers to all questions: With Microsoft Power BI, you can get the answers to your questions in easy-to-use visual forms with data-rich tables and charts.
  • Data modeling and shaping: Microsoft Power BI comes with user-friendly desktop tools that help one to clean the critical data quickly as well as to convert it to some compelling insights.
  • Rapid deployment: With Microsoft Power BI, one can start analyzing the data and therefore can share the critical business insights within a few days.
  • Live access anywhere and anytime: With Microsoft Power BI mobile apps, one can share reports and data on any device and from anywhere, which can automatically update with any changes to the information.

Vinay Pugalia

T-SQL, SSRS, WinForms and Power BI expert having 13+ years of I.T. experience.
Competent and experienced project leader & architect with vast experience in managing multi-disciplinary teams of varying sizes and complex programs of work.

Strengths include successful analysis and problem-solving expertise, highly rated oral and written communications skills, and proven project management experience. Strong in designing the Application Architecture, providing out of box solutions & a very good trouble shooter.

Have also implemented various applications using Patterns and Practices from Microsoft like Smart Client Software Factory, Enterprise Library (Application blocks for Caching, Cryptography, Data Access, Exception Handling and Logging), Web Service Software Factory, etc. Strong background in C#, Visual Studio, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF, WCF, Web API, MVVM, and SQL Server.

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