Dynamic page navigation in Power BI based as per User Role

, March 1, 202499 Views

In Power BI, providing page security and role-based access to users traditionally involves creating different workspaces or different audiences in one app workspace. However, an innovative approach is to achieve this using measures, eliminating the need for additional workspaces and audiences. In this blog post, we will explore a real-time requirement where we need to […]

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Achieving Hierarchical Representation for Measures in Power BI Matrix Visual: A Workaround

, February 16, 2024112 Views

Greetings, BI enthusiasts! When working with Power BI reports and handling numerical data with multiple hierarchies, the Matrix visual is often the go-to choice. It seamlessly accommodates hierarchical data with proper modeling, allowing the use of measures as rows. However, what if you need to display measures as rows with specified indentations, sorting, and font […]

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Part 3: Git Integration for Content Management

, January 19, 2024188 Views

In our previous blog, we delved into the inner workings of Deployment Pipelines. Now, we shift our focus towards a crucial aspect of Power BI development – integrating Git with workspaces in Power BI Service, especially those that play a pivotal role in your Deployment Pipelines. Integrating Git with Power BI Workspaces Our journey now […]

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Part 2: Streamlining Power BI Deployment Pipelines

, January 16, 2024227 Views

In our previous blog post, we delved into Power BI Projects and Git integration, catering to the needs of developers with Pro Capacity. Today, we venture further into the fascinating world of Power BI Deployment Pipelines. Our focus is on providing you with insights into how to seamlessly handle content within your development lifecycle. Unveiling […]

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Part 1: Git Integration with Power BI

, January 9, 2024326 Views

In a much-anticipated move, Microsoft has unveiled Git Integration in Power BI for developers who work with Power BI Desktop Projects. This ground-breaking feature which is in preview, promises to revolutionize the way developers streamline development, source control, and collaboration within their Power BI projects. In this technical blog, we’ll delve into the intricacies of […]

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The Benefits of Power BI for Decision-Making

, November 21, 2023384 Views

Consumerism is at an all-time high, especially after the economic lull in 2020. Since 2021, e-commerce sales have grown exponentially, to the point that in 2024 we are looking at a forecasted 6.2 trillion US dollars in e-commerce sales. This puts pressure on retail companies to optimize their data collection and analytics to respond to […]

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Efficiently Sharing and Synchronizing Power BI Reports within Your Organization: A Cost-effective Approach

, October 10, 2023435 Views

In today’s business landscape, organizations are constantly seeking ways to maximize growth while minimizing operational costs. Sharing essential information and insights with management or higher-level teams is crucial for decision-making. However, investing in Pro user or Premium per-user licenses for a limited number of users who only need access to view a specific Power BI […]

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Microsoft Fabric – The One-Stop Shopping Mall

, July 27, 2023542 Views

Imagine going to groceries and being forced by your mother to negotiate the best price for a variety of things from different vendors; it sounds tiresome, doesn’t it? What is the easier way to resolve this? You will visit a supermarket, where you can simply find everything you need under one roof. Data professionals face […]

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Mining Industry… to the cloud!

, December 29, 2022592 Views

Mining is one of the most essential and possibly one of the oldest industries in the world. In ancient times, people started mining metals to make tools. With the discovery of coal, coal mining started followed by the discovery and mining of oil. Almost everything that we get which forms the very basic foundation stone […]

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Power BI > How to identify referenced Measures and Columns in Model – II

, July 8, 20222028 Views

In the earlier blog post, we stated how to identify referenced measures or columns, i.e. whether they are used in other measures or not. If you haven’t visited the blog post, please click here. It is a very useful blog, especially in the big Power BI models. But this won’t be helpful when we would […]

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