PowerApps Portal: Metadata and it’s type – Part 2

, May 22, 2020154 Views

In the previous blog we had covered what is metadata, how to add new metadata in Web Form and Entity Form and also from it’s 6 types we had covered the very first type i.e., “Attribute”. Now, in this part we’ll discuss below types and their properties: Notes Section Let’s start with type “Notes”. NOTES […]

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PowerApps Portal: Metadata and it’s type – Part 1

, May 15, 2020310 Views

The Web Form Metadata contains additional behavior modification logic to augment or override the functionality of form. It allows portal admin to further configure entity forms and web forms such as predefined values and enhancing fields. In this blog, we are going to cover the very first type of metadata property i.e., “Attribute” with it’s properties […]

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Upload document to SharePoint from Microsoft D365 CE using C# Web API & manage SharePoint document metadata

, March 20, 20192289 Views

The integration of Microsoft D365 CE with SharePoint has enabled the document management in SharePoint precisely in the form of folders and subfolders, in a structured way. Today in this blog, let’s learn how we can upload the documents in SharePoint from the D365 CE using the Dot Net c# web API code with a […]

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