Power Pages Backup Using One Line PowerShell Script

, December 26, 2023381 Views

The Power Page backup process is a very simple process using PowerShell. The command is a single line that combines three to four commands mentioned in the Microsoft documentation. This one-liner helps you export and saves you time. As per the Microsoft documentation, we can take by using a 3–4-line command. By preferring this blog, […]

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Microsoft Power Platform 2023 release wave 2 plan overview

, September 27, 2023390 Views

Microsoft has announced the latest updates to the customers which are planned to be released during the period of October 2023 through March 2024 as a part of wave 2. Below are some of the features of Microsoft’s wave 2 which are more exciting to get started with. Let’s see what new features have been […]

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Dynamics 365 Media and Entertainment Accelerator

, June 29, 2023651 Views

The media and entertainment industries have better solutions available in the extended power platform common data model through the use of Dynamics 365 Media and Entertainment Accelerator. The fans and guests’ engagement are now easily manageable via out-of-the-box model driven and canvas apps. The accelerator provides the below features: Microsoft Teams is integrated with the […]

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Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator : Transforming Education Management

, June 2, 20231063 Views

Dynamics 365 allows us to develop vertical solutions using industry accelerators. Accelerators are the extensions for the Microsoft Power Platform applications that provide the templates to suit the respective industry requirements. They provide most of the inbuilt functionalities so that the specific industries could leverage those features for their business requirements. In this blog we […]

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Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator

, May 11, 2023786 Views

As we know that Dynamics 365 Industry Accelerators are the vertical solutions supported on top of common data model to help the customers to easily configure their business requirements. Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerators basically provide the features which can be leveraged by the dealers and the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that includes automobile related deals […]

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Introducing Power Pages!

, August 20, 20221429 Views

Microsoft Power Pages is a part of the Microsoft Power Platform family. It is an evolution of Power Apps portals. The new features included are the new design studio. The templates are in preview for users to try and provide feedback. We can expect general availability of the Power Pages by next year. We can […]

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Download Large SharePoint Files From PowerApps Portal

, June 27, 20222129 Views

A while ago, one of our clients gave us a vexing problem. They had a lot of rather large files, nearly 1 GB in size, stored in their SharePoint server. They wanted to allow their customers to be able to download these files from the company portal. The portal was the PowerApps Portal. But then, […]

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Embed Power BI reports in Power Apps Portal

, April 8, 20223757 Views

We can now embed Power BI Dashboard/Reports in PowerApps Portal with few easy steps. Prerequisite:-    D365 Customer Service organization having a Global user with D365 and Power BI license. ENABLE POWER BI VISUALIZATION  In the PowerApps select the environment where you have provisioned the Portal. Go to Your Apps section from Power Apps home page and locate […]

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PowerApps Portal: Metadata and It’s Type Part – 4

, June 11, 20202832 Views

In the previous blogs i.e, Part – 1, Part – 2 and Part – 3 we had covered what is metadata, how to add new metadata in Web Form and Entity Form and it’s types i.e., Attribute, Notes, Section and Subgrid. Now, in this part we’ll discuss the remaining types and their properties. Below is the list: […]

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PowerApps Portal: Metadata and It’s Type Part – 3

, May 30, 20202898 Views

In the previous blogs i.e., Part – 1 and Part – 2 we had covered what is metadata, how to add new metadata in Web Form and Entity Form and it’s types i.e., Attribute, Notes and Section. Now, in this part we’ll discuss ‘Subgrid’ and it’s properties.  Subgrid Selecting ‘Type’ as ‘Subgrid’ allows us to […]

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