Microsoft Power Platform 2023 release wave 2 plan overview

, September 27, 2023 341 Views

Microsoft has announced the latest updates to the customers which are planned to be released during the period of October 2023 through March 2024 as a part of wave 2. Below are some of the features of Microsoft’s wave 2 which are more exciting to get started with. Let’s see what new features have been planned in different areas of Power Platform like Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI, Power Virtual Agent, Power Page and AI Builder.

Power Automate Process Mining

Process mining involves analyzing data to identify inefficiencies within an organization’s operations. This analysis provides insights into potential process improvements and suggests actions to mitigate any drawbacks. With the new release, Power Automate offers tailored workflow automation to ensure smooth process execution. Also, a new unified activity view has been introduced along with deeper notifications.

Power Virtual Agent Chat GPT

A diverse set of features has been unveiled by Microsoft, encompassing multilingual bot support, generative answering, and the integration of IVR with Dynamics 365 Customer Service. These capabilities have now been made accessible to all users.

Power Apps

Power Apps introduces advanced App Development through Co-pilot, expediting app creation and enabling users to analyze data and gain insights. Developers gain access to modern controls, responsive templates, and default offline app functionality. Users will experience a modernized interface, streamlined sharing, and enhanced collaboration tools. The new release plan empowers both makers and administrators with improved guardrails and tools to seamlessly construct and expand applications across the organization.

Power Page

The co-pilot in Power Page helps you to quickly build the website with new generative AI. Utilizing Co-pilot within Power Pages supports generating website components using natural language instructions. The Power Pages design studio offers creators a user-friendly, no-code and low-code experience for crafting websites. It also facilitates the developers for better customizations and configurations for their websites.


The Dataverse is added with common tables, more attributes. A more efficient way to build and deploy the applications is provided via GitHub and Azure DevOps. With the new release one can identify the duplicate data and resolve any conflicts via low code business rules. There is more security for the data due to deeper integration with Azure Active Directory.

AI Builder

The key enhancements include:

  • Enhanced Performance and Reliability
  • Expanded Language Support for Content Extraction
  • Introduction of Document Processing Validation Station
  • New Prebuilt Model Capabilities (e.g., Contract Processing, Tax Forms)
  • Document Translation Functionality

Administration and Pro Development

With Microsoft’s wave 2, they have provided enhancements with the administrator perspective like licensing models, role-based access, environment governance. Also, the professional developer tooling has been provided with greater experience for Visual Studio Code extension with an option to create custom connectors in Power Platform without leaving Visual Studio. Also, one can automatically generate an App based on the API.

I hope this blog has provided some insights on the new enhancements available in the Microsoft wave2 release.

ATM Inspection PowerApp to ease ATM inspection and report generation process.

Insert data into Many-to-Many relationship in Dynamics CRM very easily & quickly, using the Drag and drop listbox.

Comply your Lead, Contact, and User entities of D365 CRM with GDPR compliance using the GDPR add-on.

Create a personal / system view in Dynamics CRM with all the fields on the form/s which you select for a particular entity using the View Creator.



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